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For over 40 years, Company Mesa has been producing special alloys both for the dental and the industrial sectors.

During this period, Mesa has gradually changed its structure, turning from a small workshop to today’s modern firm, producer of the worldwide well-known “Magnum” alloys, while always remaining a run-in family business.

This reality creates the basement for an outstanding flexibility, which has enabled Mesa to quick and efficiently meet the ceaseless changing needs of the markets.

Mesa has always considered the patients’ health and well-being as its major priority. Relying on its know-how and on its research and design competence, the company produces only alloys that comply with top quality, safety and reliability features.

Mesa at present produces more than 50 different types of alloys, divided in: alloys for ceramics; alloys for partials and prostheses; alloys for bridges and crowns; alloys for soldering; discs, blanks and bars for CAD/CAM processing.

As an observant producer of biomedical products, Mesa has obtained the CE marking for its alloys starting in the 1990’s. Before any placement on the markets, the products have all undergone severe medical tests such as bio-compatibility and corrosion resistance.

The elevated standards settled for each alloy fix the buying process of raw material. Only the best available materials on the market are considered. This permits Mesa to guarantee the total absence of beryllium, gallium and cadmium in all of its products and Nickel in the Nickel-free ones.

Scheduling and improvement are targets that Mesa steadily pursues. It is important to underline that significant investments have already been made and that other investments will be made for the next future so that Mesa could always grant updated tests and adjustments to every new standard and norm on its worldwide markets.


Mesa’s alloys for ceramics comply with standards ISO 9693-1:2012 and ISO 22674:2006. They do not contain any toxic elements and, in the case of cobalt-based alloys, they are absolutely nickel-free.

Mesa’s alloys for ceramics are all highly resistant to corrosion and heat with a low conductivity.

Those alloys are characterised by their flexibility (the double if compared to noble metals) and by a good fluidity, enabling to obtain castings of a thickness as low as two tenths of a millimetre. Furthermore, thanks to their thermal expansion coefficient, they are ideal to be used with all last-generation ceramics.

Mesa can supply both Nickel based and Cobalt based dental alloys for ceramics.

Among the Cobalt based alloys we find Magnum Ceramic Co (the most widely sold alloy over the last thirty five years): relying on its long market history, it is widely appreciated by dental technicians.

Recent are Magnum Splendidum, Magnum Lucens, Magnum Micans and Magnum Nitens, all alloys characterized by excellent mechanical features and low oxide formation.

Magnum Simplex alloy, due to its high thermal expansion coefficient, is used with all the low temperature ceramics of the last generation.

Magnum Ceramic S, Magnum Clarum and Magnum Ceralbum are all Nickel-based. All of them possess an excellent workability and absolutely versatile characteristics.

Among Mesa’s alloys for ceramic stand out the noble Chrome-Cobalt alloys Magnum Fulgens and Magnum Suave, which contain respectively Platinum and Palladium in their composition. These elements, in combination with Chrome-Cobalt, enforce the resistance, workability and brilliancy of the two alloys, granting them an exceptional biocompatibility.


A “Prosthesis” is, by definition, a partial removable dental prosthesis which, exploiting the alloy’s elasticity, can be attached to natural teeth by means of casted hooks.

In case there are contiguous teeth from both sides they are called “interdental prostheses”. If, on in the contrary, the last tooth to be used for fixing the prostheses is missing, then they are called “cantilever bridge”.

Alloys for prostheses produced by Mesa are characterised by their strong resistance to traction and excellent workability, which enables to obtain smooth and compact surfaces and reduce the oxide formation. Mesa produces more than 20 different types of alloys for prostheses, ranging from the softest to medium, medium hard and very hard. Those alloys possess a low specific weight and excellent mechanical features, which enable also the most demanding technician to create unique handworks with minimal thicknesses.


A bridge, by definition, is a fixed prosthesis which enables to replace the missing teeth.

A bridge involves at least two teeth, also called “pillar teeth”, usually located at both sides of the place created by the missing tooth.

The bridge is anchored on those teeth (usually they are “crowns”): this way the missing teeth are fixed (“intermediate elements”).

A bridge is usually formed by an anchorage and by one or more intermediate elements.

All of the bridges and crowns alloys produced by Mesa are distinguished by their high resistance to corrosion and bio-compatibility, as assured by medical tests carried out in compliance with standards ISO 10993-5 and ISO 22674:2006.

This family is composed of three different alloys: one with a Cobalt-Iron base, named Magnum Ductile, quite hard, but having an excellent resistance to corrosion; the second with a Nickel-Chrome base, named Magnum Adamanta 2; the third with a Nickel-Iron-Chrome base, named Ni-Cr-Fe, which is cheaper and less hard if compared to the previous ones.


CAD/CAM is a new technology in three-dimensional scanning so a model can be obtained with the precision of only a few micrometres. CAD/CAM eliminates wax models and castings and perfectly adapt to the imprint supplied by the dentist. This technique guarantees a highly automated production with a considerable saving of time and the elimination of further corrections. As a result, the prostheses structures do not show any stress or porosity. Oxidation is not required for veneering with ceramics.

Mesa has been producing discs for CAD/CAM milling systems for over 10 years. During this period of time, CAD/CAM discs have been supplied in many different materials, meeting up the continuous changes of the market requirements.

At present Mesa’s CAD/CAM discs are provided in the following materials: Magnum Splendidum, Magnum Lucens and Magnum Ceramic Co, all of them Cobalt-Chrome based.

Nickel-Chrome based discs can also be provided on request.

Mesa also produces discs on customers’ specifications: please contact our sales department for any specific needs.


To meet new market requests Mesa has recently introduced “bars for CAD/CAM milling systems” into its range of products. The bars have been designed specifically to meet the need to reduce milling costs and scrap material compared to discs.

The bars are available in different Co-Cr based materials. All their possible sizes, diameters and lengths can be found in the nearby table.



GPN is a yellow coloured alloy. It is not a medical device, therefore not to be used on the patients. Its purpose is the manufacturing of cheap demonstration models or practical training cases. The mechanical and processing features of GPN alloy are similar to those of type III gold alloy.

GPN is available both in discs for CAD/CAM milling systems and in ingots for casting. The ingots can easily be melt by all kinds of casting machines.


All solders produced by Mesa are highly bio-compatible and comply with the ISO 9333:2006 standard.

Mesa offers a wide range of solders having different chemical compositions, different intended uses and, as a consequence, a good adaptability to all kinds of alloys.

The soldering sticks are available in two different refinements: the most economical is characterised by an unpolished surface; the other is well-polished, totally free of impurities and perfectly circular, allowing a more accurate welding.

Mesa’s soldering alloys are available in different sizes, diameters and lengths as shown in the nearby table.

Pengenalan :

Lebih daripada 40 tahun, Syarikat Mesa telah menghasilkan aloi khas untuk bidang pergigian dan sektor perindustrian.

Selama ini, Mesa telah mengubahkan strukturnya secara beransur-ansur, iaitu dari sebuah bengkeng kecil sehingga menjadi sebuah firma yang moden pada masa kini, serta merupakan pengeluar aloi 'Magnum”yang terkenal di seluruh dunia. Namun ia masih tetap sebagai sebuah perniagaan keluarga.

Hakikat ini telah menciptakan yayasan untuk mencapai kefleksibelan yang unggul, supaya Mesa dapat memenuhi keperluan pasaran yang sentiasa berubah dengan cepat dan cekap.

Mesa tetap mengutamakan kesihatan dan kesejahteraan para pesakit. Dengan pengetahuan juga kekompetenannya dalam penyelidkan dan reka bentuk, syarikat ini akan menghasilkan aloi yang bermutu tinggi, selamat dan handal sahaja.

Kini, Mesa telah menghasilkan lebih daripada 50 jenis aloi yang boleh dibahagikan kepada :aloi untuk seramik, aloi untuk separa dan prostesis, aloi untuk jambatan dan korona, aloi untuk pematerian, cakera dan katrij kosong serta batang bar untuk pemprosesan CAD / CAM.

Sebagai sebuah pengeluar hasilan bioperubatan yang tajam dalam pemerhatian, Mesa telahpun memperolehi tanda CE untuk aloinya sejak tahun ke 1990-an. Sebelum diletakan ke pasaran, semua hasilannya akan diuji tegas dengan ujian atas Bio-keserasian dan rintangan kepada kakisan.

Piawaian yang tinggi ditetapkan pada setiap jenis aloi akan menentukan proses pembelian bahan mentah. Hanya bahan-bahan yang terbaik di pasaran akan diambil kira oleh syarikat. Dengan ini, Mesa dapat menjaminkan hasilannya betul-betul tidak mengandungi beryllium, gallium and cadmium serta tidak mengandungi Nikel bagi hasilan tanpa Nikel.

Penjadualan dan perbaikan adalah matlamat yang akan sentiasa dicapai oleh Mesa. Yang penting itu adalah untuk menekankan bahawa pelaburan secara besar-besaran telah dilaksanakan, manakala pelaburan lain juga akan dilaksanakan untuk masa yang akan datang, supaya Mesa sentiasa dapat menjalankan ujian terkini dan membuat pelarasan supaya dapat mengikut setiap taraf serta norma baharu di pasaran sedunia.


Aloi untuk seramik Mesa mematuhi piawaian ISO 9693-1:2012 dan ISO 22674:2006. Ia tidak mengandungi sebarang bahan toksik, manakala aloi berasas kobalt betul-betul tanpa nikel. Semua aloi untuk seramik Mesa sungguh rintang pada kakisan dan kekonduksian habanya rendah.

Aloi-aloi itu dicirikan oleh kefleksibelannya (ia berganda jika berbanding dengan logam adi) dan kebendaliran yang baik membolehkan penuangan dengan ketebalan yang serendah hingga kosong perpuluhan dua milimeter. Ini semua kerana koefisien pengembangan habanya yang paling sesuai diguna bersama dengan semua jenis seramik generasi lepas.

Mesa boleh membekalkan aloi pergigian untuk seramik berasas Nikel dan berasas kobalt.

Antara aloi-aloi berasas Kobalt, didapati bahawa Magnum Seramik Co (dijual dengan paling meluas melebihi tiga puluh lima tahun ) yang bergantung kepada sejarahnya yang lama di pasaran, adalah sanggat dihargai oleh pakar pergigian dengan meluas.

Baru-baru ini adalah Magnum Splendidum, Magnum Lucens, Magnum Micans dan Magnum Nitens yang dihargai oleh pelanggan, semua aloi ini dicirikan oleh ciri-ciri mekanikal yang sangat baik dan pembentukan oksida yang rendah.

Bagi aloi Magnum Simplex, dengan koefisien pengembangan haba tingginya menjadikan ia dapat digunakan bersama dengan semua seramik suhu rendah generasi lepas.

Magnum Ceramic S, Magnum Clarum dan Magnum Ceralbum sekalian adalah berasas Nikel. Semua aloi-aloi ini menpunyai kebolehkerjaan yang sangat baik dan ciri-ciri serba boleh yang mutlak.

Aloi untuk seramik Mesa yang menonjol di antara aloi adi Krom-Kobalt merupakan Magnum Fulgen dan Magnum Sauve yang mengandungi Platinum dan Palladium dalam komposis masing-masing. Unsur-unsur ini yang berkombinasi dengan Krom-Kobalt telah menguatkuasakan rintangan, kebolehkerjaan dan kecermelangan yang mengurniakan bio-keserasian yang luar biasa kepada dua-dua jenis aloi itu.


“Prostesis” adalah, pada definisinya, merupakan prostesis yang boleh ditanggalkan separa untuk mengeksploitasi kekenyalan aloi, ia dapat dipasang pada gigi asli dengan cangkuk yang dibentuk.

Dalam kes yang terdapat gigi bersebelahan dari kedua-dua belah dikenali sebagai "prostesis antargigi” Sebaliknya, jika gigi terakhir yang akan digunakan untuk memasang prostesis hilang, maka ia dikenali sebagai “jambatan julur”.

Aloi-aloi untuk prostesis yang dihasilkan oleh Mesa telah dicirikan oleh kuat rintangan kepada cengkaman dan kebolehkerjaan yang cemerlang, membolehkan permukaan yang licin dan padat juga mengurangkan pembentukan oksida. Mesa telah hasilkan melebihi 20 jenis aloi untuk prostesis dari lembut, sederhana, sederhana keras ke sangat keras. Aloi-aloi ini mempunyai berat tertentu yang rendah and ciri mekanikal yang sangat baik, manakala ini membenarkan juga juruteknik the paling mendesak untuk menciptakan kerja tangan yang unik dengan ketebalan aloi yang minimal.


Jambatan bermakna prostesis yang telah dipasang untuk menggantikan gigi yang terhilang.

Jambatan melibatkan sekrang-kurangnya dua batang gigi yang dikenali sebagai "gigi tiang", biasanya terletak di kedua-dua belah tempat yang diwujudkan oleh gigi yang hilang.

Jambatan ini berlabuh pada gigi (biasanya dikenali sebagai "korona"): inilah cara gigi terhilang boleh dipasang semula ("unsur -unsur pertengahan").

Jambatan biasanya dibentukan oleh satu ankoraj juga satu atau lebih unsur pertengahan.

Semua aloi jambatan dan korona yang dihasilkan oleh Mesa adalah yang terkemuka kerana sifat rintang kakisan yang tinggi dan bio-keserasiannya . Selain itu ia telah dijaminkan oleh ujian perubatan yang mematuhi piawaian ISO 10993-5 and ISO 22674:2006

Kumpulan ini terdiri dari tiga aloi yang berbeza: Yang pertama dinamakan Magnum Ductile yang dengan asas Kobalt-Besi, amat keras tetapi rintangan kepada kakisannya sangat baik. Yang kedua dinama Magnum Adamanta 2 berasas Nikel-Besi-Krom;dan yang ketiga dinama Ni-Cr-Fe yang harganya lebih murah dan kurang keras jika berbanding dengan yang sebelumnya.


CAD/CAM merupakan teknologi baru dalam imbasan tiga dimensi untuk memperolehi model yang tepat hanya di dalam beberapa mikrometer. CAD/CAM menyisihkan model lilin dan acuan juga menyesuaikan diri dengan inprin yang dibekalkan oleh doktor gigi. Teknik ini jaminkan pengeluaran yang sangat automatik untuk menjimatkan amat banyak masa dan menghapuskan pembetulan yang selanjutnya Hasilnya, struktur prostesis tidak menunjukkan sebarang tekanan atau keliangan. Pengoksidaan tidak diperlukan untuk perlapisan dengan seramik.

Mesa telah menghasilkan cakera untuk sistem pengilangan CAD ​​/ CAM lebih daripada 10 tahun. Dalam tempoh masa ini, cakera CAD / CAM telah dibekalkan kepada bahan-bahan yang berbeza,supaya dapat memenuhi keperluan pasaran yang sentiasa berubah.

Kini, cekera CAD / CAM Mesa telah disediakan sebagai bahan-bahan berikut: Magnum Splendidum, Magnum Lucens and Magnum Ceramic Co, semuanya berasas Kobolt-krom.

Cakera berasas Nikel-Krom juga boleh dibekalkan atas permintaan.

Mesa juga menghasilkan cakera menurut spesifikasi pelanggan, sila hungbungi bahagian jualan kami untuk mendapatkan informasi selanjutnya .


Untuk memenuhi permintaan pasaran yang baharu, baru-baru ini Mesa telah memperkenalkan "batang bar untuk sistem pengilangan CAD ​​/ CAM" ke rangkaian produknya. Bar ini telah direka khusus untuk memenuhi keperluan bagi mengurangkan kos pembuatan dan bahan buangan berbanding dengan cekera..

Bar tersebut juga terdapat dalam bahan-bahan berasas Co-Cr yang berbeza. Untuk mendapati semua saiz yang boleh dilakukan, sila rujuk ukuran diameter dan panjang dari jadual di berhampiran.

Aloi GPN


GPN merupakan aloi yang berwarna kuning. Ia bukan alat perubatan, jadi ia tidak digunakan kepada para pesakit. Tujuannya adalah untuk menghasilkan model demonstrasi yang murah untuk kes-kes latihan praktikal. Ciri-ciri mekanikal serta pemprosesan aloi GPN adalah serupa dengan jenis aloi emas III.

GPN boleh didapati dalam bentuk cakera bagi sistem pengilangan CAD ​​/ CAM dan jongkong untuk penuangang. Jongkong itu adalah senang dileburkan oleh semua jenis mesin penuangan.


Semua pateri yang dihasilkan oleh Mesa adalah sangat bio-serasi dan mematuhi piawaian ISO 9333:2006.

Mesa menawarkan pelbagai jenis pateri yang berbeza dari segi komposisi kimia dan tujuan kegunaan untuk mengakibatkan sesuatu penyesuaian yang baik bagi semua jenis aloi. Batang pematerian didapati dalam dua penghalusan yang berbeza, iaitu yang paling ekonomik dicirikan oleh permukaanya yang kasar; dan satu lagi digilap dengan baik, benar-benar bebas daripada kekotoran dan pekeliling yang sempurna membolehkan kimpalan yang lebih tepat.

Aloi pateri Mesa boleh diperolehi dalam pelbagai saiz, ukuran diameter dan panjang telah ditunjuk pada jadual yang berhampiran.

English to Chinese: Game Description  
Detailed field: Games 


This isn’t just a racing, but explosive action in the best Twisted Metal and Carmageddon traditions! For the first time on mobile devices: breathtaking race tracks and battle arenas, the hottest cars, lethal weapons and insane console gameplay!


Story-driven full single player campaign with Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City style criminal plot. Deliver highly valuable cargo, but watch out: you’re already being hunted down. Drive through the racy storyline at full speed, reveal the secret of the stolen briefcase and find out who is behind all of it.


Are you a lover of races with shootouts? Have you been waiting for a mobile game with a storyline and hardcore action? Do you want more upgrades and customization? This game has it all. Complete missions, drive down race tracks, ram cars on the battle arena, explore the Garage and earn frags in the Survival game mode.


Brag about your achievements to your friends. Get into the TOP List, photograph your cars after upgrading them and send the photos to social networks.


* Graphics and special effects at the level of modern consoles. Get all you can from your mobile device!

* Advanced physics: car frames get dented and smashed like real, cars skid and hurl sideways from collisions.

* Retro-car collection for connoisseurs: Hippie Van, Hot Rod, Cadillac and even the Soviet Volga!

* Garage with a selection of unbelievable frames, engines, bumpers and body kits that are unique for every car.

* Over ten killer weapons: guided spider drones, stingers, self-guided supersonic ram and a heap of other crazy perks.

* Several exquisitely modeled locations in unusual parts of the world: famous skyscrapers, an abandoned canyon, an old chapel and others.



不仅是赛车的竞技,更是集合了Twisted Metal及Carmageddon具爆炸性的动作精髓! 史上第一次在行动装置上呈现惊险的赛道及战场、最夯的车款、各类致命武器及疯狂控台游戏体验!








* 现代控制台等级的画面及特别效果.。可尽情从您的行动装置索取!

* 高等级的物理状态:车身凹陷及仿真的撞击,碰撞时汽车打滑及侧身飞撞等。

* 给鉴赏家的复古车收藏:嬉皮车、改装旧车、凯迪拉克甚至还有苏联伏尔加!

* 为每台汽车提供令人叹为观止的特设框架、引擎、保险杠和车身套件的车厂。

* 超过10款必杀武器: 引导式无人操作蜘蛛、毒刺、自导式超音速战车还有各种其他疯狂小配件。

* 精心仿造在世界各地非比寻常的场景:著名的摩天大楼、荒凉的峡谷、古老的教堂等。


English to Chinese: Bus and Train Instruction 
Detailed field: Tourism & Travel

Source text - English
With many rail stations and bus transit centers, your XXX pass is like a key to the city — putting you within steps of the places you go every day.

On-Call: Our demand response curb-to-curb van service whisks you between your home and nearby Rail stations, transit centers, shopping and other popular destinations.

Flex Service: This unique mode combines the advantages of a fixed route with the convenience of curbside pickup and delivery. Currently six routes serve the Telecom Corridor, South Irving, South and East Plano, Garland/Rowlett and the Lake June area of southeast Dallas. A Local fare is charged for boardings at bus stops and a System fare for trips within a designated zone off the fixed route. These are accepted according to the operator’s ability to accommodate the trip within the schedule.

Translation - Chinese


彈性服務:此特別的模式揉合了固定路線的長處及路邊接送服務的方便。迄今備有六條固定路線服務於Irving 南部的 Telecom Corridor、 Plano南部及東部、 Garland/Rowlett 及位於達拉斯(Dallas)東南部的Lake June區域。若您在巴士站上車將被徵收本地車票價;而前往固定的路线行程内指定区域則徵收系统車票价。以上所說將依據操作者能在行程表內完成行程為接受的準則。

English to Chinese: MANUAL - PC GAME 
General field: Tech/Engineering
Detailed field: Games / Video Games / Gaming / Casino

Source text - English
1. Insert the ZOOER disk into your CD-ROM drive. (If the installer does not start on its own, double click on My Computer and then double-click on the ZOOER icon that appears.)

2. Follow the onscreen instructions.

3. After the game is installed, install QuickTime 6.0 if you do not already have it on your computer. To install QuickTime 6 or upgrade your version, go to to download the free player. (Note: If you have a version of QuickTime more recent than 6.0, you can skip this step.) To install DirectX 7, go to

Translation - Chinese


3.安装游戏之后,若您的电脑尚未安装QickTime 6.0,请您安装。欲安装QuickTime 6.0或提升您现有的版本,
请浏览以下载此免费播放器。(备注:若您已拥有QuickTime新于6.0的版本,可略过此步骤。)欲下载DirectX 7,请浏览。

English to Chinese: Foxconn
General field: Labour
Detailed field: Labour Relations

Also known as Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. is a multinational electronics manufacturing company headquartered in Tucheng, New Taipei, Taiwan. It is the world's-largest maker of electronic components including printed circuit boards.

In reaction to a spate of worker suicides where fourteen died in 2010, a report by twenty Chinese universities described Foxconn factories as labour camps and detailed widespread worker abuse and illegal overtime. In response to the suicides, Foxconn installed suicide-prevention netting at some facilities, and it promised to offer substantially higher wages at its Shenzhen production bases. Workers were also forced to sign a legally binding document guaranteeing that they would not sue the company as a result of self-injury or suicide.

Foxconn has been involved in several controversies – most relating to how it manages employees in China, where it is the largest private employer. In January 2012, 150 workers in Wuhan threatened to commit mass suicide because of worsening work conditions. The employees had asked for a raise but were told they could either quit with compensation or keep their jobs with no raise. The employees quit, but did not receive their compensation.

Also known as Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd. is a multinational electronics manufacturing company headquartered in Tucheng, New Taipei, Taiwan. It is the world's-largest maker of electronic components including printed circuit boards.

In reaction to a spate of worker suicides where fourteen died in 2010, a report by twenty Chinese universities described Foxconn factories as labour camps and detailed widespread worker abuse and illegal overtime. In response to the suicides, Foxconn installed suicide-prevention netting at some facilities, and it promised to offer substantially higher wages at its Shenzhen production bases. Workers were also forced to sign a legally binding document guaranteeing that they would not sue the company as a result of self-injury or suicide.

Foxconn has been involved in several controversies – most relating to how it manages employees in China, where it is the largest private employer. In January 2012, 150 workers in Wuhan threatened to commit mass suicide because of worsening work conditions. The employees had asked for a raise but were told they could either quit with compensation or keep their jobs with no raise. The employees quit, but did not receive their compensation.

又稱為鴻海科技集團的一家國際電子製造公司,總部設在新北市土城區, 也是全世界最大的電子元件包括印刷電路板製造商。在2010年接二連三發生了14人死亡的工人自殺事件造成反應,有20所中國大學在一份報告中將富士康工廠形容為『勞教所』,并詳述大部分​​工人曾受虐和非法加班。为了应对发生的多起的自杀事件,富士康在一些設施安裝了防自殺網,同時也承諾將大幅度提高在深圳的生產基地的工資。其員工也被迫簽署一項法律文件保證不因自殘及自殺而控告公司。富士康涉及了多項爭議--多數是有關身為當地最大的私人機構雇主的它們如何管理中國員工。2012年1月,在武漢,有150名員工因為惡化的工作環境要挾会集體自殺。僱員曾要求提高薪資但却被告知只能辭職以獲得賠償或留職不加薪。即使僱員辭職了,然而他們並沒有獲得賠償。

Sample of Translation - Press Release
General field: Marketing
Detailed field: Mass Media

For immediate release

May 31, 2006

ABC Exhibition 2006 – The Most International Leather Fair in China

The most international leather fair in China, ABC Exhibition, will be held on 5 – 7 September 2006 in Shanghai.

It’s always gratifying to an exhibition organiser when exhibitors re-book for the next event. When 90% have re-booked several months before the next event, it certainly demonstrates a need for the exhibition. It’s a pretty good indicator too that successful business was conducted and valuable contacts established over previous years.

ABC Exhibition was enthusiastically received right from the outset in 1998. No other leather industry event in China has the level of international participation. The Exhibition remains the prime exhibition at which top level Chinese buyers can meet and discuss with the leading leather industry companies from all over the world.

ABC Exhibition 2006 will allow more than 1,000 exhibitors to meet face-to-face with buyers. (Last year 1,000 exhibitors attracted 14,000 buyers.)

An indication of the international participation lies in the participation of pavilions. Ms. X, Senior Event Manager, said on the occasion, "18 pavilions are confirmed to participate, while the Association from Japan will have their own pavilion for the first time. More pavilions will confirm their booking in the coming months.“ The 18 pavilions come from Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand and Turkey.

As in previous years ABC Exhibition will run concurrently with DEF Exhibition. However, previously, both exhibitions were merged into ABC Exhibition. This year, DEF Exhibition will have its own entrance, its own opening ceremony, and will be separate and distinct events: a recognition of its growth and importance.

Over 500 booths will be spread over 10,000 square metres.

DEF Exhibition, boasting substantial overseas exhibitor participation, serves a market for the top Chinese shoe and leather garments and goods manufacturers to display before China’s most substantial buyers. Several of China’s best known shoe and leather goods provinces will be represented.

To demonstrate further the status of DEF Exhibition, the 25th International Shoe Industry Conference will be hosted for the first time by China, and will be held concurrently, and at the same venue.

DEF Exhibition looks poised for a highly successful exhibition in 2006.

ABC and DEF Exhibitions are organised jointly by XYZ Company Ltd., based in Hong Kong, and the China Leather Industry Association. Together they combine unrivalled experience in operating international trade fairs with a detailed knowledge of the burgeoning Chinese leather industry and whom the people are that make decisions.






ABC展覽會在1998年首次舉行時開始已獲得熱烈迴響。 在國內沒有其他的皮革工業盛會能有這樣國際化的參展水平。這項展覽會依然是首屈一指的盛會,屆時中國的頂尖採購商將和來自世界各地領導皮革業的公司機構代表會面及進行商業洽談。







ABC及DEF展覽會是由香港XYZ有限公司及中國皮革工業協會 聯合主辦。他們結合了雙方舉辦國際貿易展的豐富經驗;及對蓬勃發展的中國皮革工業及在業界有影響力的人士有詳細了解,讓展會的成效更顯著。

Ensuring sweet control

A once-a-day drug for diabetes can improve medication adherence amongst those with type 2 diabetes, say experts.

MALAYSIA is a sweet nation. Every nook and cranny, you are lured by the temptations from mamak stalls, bubble tea joints, fast food outlets... sugar is cheap, and people die for it, and from it.

“Malaysia is the champion in diabetes, for all the wrong reasons,” notes senior consultant endocrinologist Prof Datuk Dr Wan Mohamad Wan Bebakar. Face it, 20.8% of Malaysians are now diabetic.

However, the most alarming detail is that Malaysia has one of the world’s youngest type 2 diabetic patients, with over 5% of the total diabetic population between the ages of 20 and 25 years old.

“In comparison to that, even in the United States, where supersize is in fact an acceptable way of life, only 2% of people aged 20 to 25 years are diabetic,” he adds.

Malaysians are indeed wrong to think that diabetes is a Western disease.

According to Prof Dr Harold Lebovitz, Professor of Medicine in the Division of Endocrinology, The State University of New York Health Science Center, says: “It all boils down to diet and lifestyle factors... dietary and lifestyle habits have changed dramatically over the past 10 years.”

“Diabetes is now recognised as a progressive disease. The longer someone is afflicted with diabetes, the more difficult is it for that individual to control the disease.

“As such, doctors must recognise that treatment must be aggressive from the time of diagnosis, in terms of medication,” states consultant endocrinologist Prof Dr SP Chan





『如此比較起來的話,即便是在能接受大分量飲食生活方式的美國人,也只有2% 介於20至25歲的人是糖尿病患。』他補充。.




『因此,醫生必須從診斷時就必須積極的展開藥物治療。』內分泌專科顧問SP Chan 教授表示。